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Phone: 775.623.5071
Fax: 775.623.5087
Toll Free: 800.962.2638

50 W. Winnemucca Boulevard
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

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The Run-A-Mucca committee is a public body of tourism and business professionals from around the community.
As a public body, we are required to post meeting agenda.

RAM Agenda 03-20-20 RAM Minutes 02-13-20
RAM Agenda 03-12-20 RAM Minutes 01-23-20
RAM Agenda 02-13-20 RAM Minutes 12-05-19
RAM Agenda 01-24-20 RAM Minutes 11-07-19
RAM Agenda 01-09-20  
RAM Agenda 12-05-19 RAM Minutes 01-17-19
RAm Agenda 11-07-19 RAM Minutes 12-20-18